Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

It is August 2009.

I am in Paris at the cemetary Père-Lachaise. Some famous people are burried here. This is Oscar Wilde’s tomb. Here I am standing at the path beside the grave. On this cemetary are are also Edith Piaf and Jim Morrison burried.


15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

  1. a very reflective path – a reminder that our days, too, are numbered – and they pass by whether we are wise, celebrate and live each day to the fullest, or not. so my vote is to choose life, and be grateful for every new day.

    • Ok! Ja, vissa är rena konstverken och att tillbringa en semesterdag på en kyrkogård i Paris med att leta gravar kanske är lite underligt, men jag måste säga att vi var inte ensamma om att göra det. Ha det så fint!

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  3. What a unique version of the path. Thanks for sharing about the famous person who once walk the land of the living. When our time comes, our path will lead to the same end. But for now, we all have a beautiful path to take. Stunning photo.

    • Thanks! It is very interesting with the ”Weekly photo challenge”, I´ve found blogs that I never should have found otherwise. To connect to people – in other parts of the world. It feels great! Have a nice evening!


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