Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

Prior to the Trevi Fountain. We travel by train from the airport to Rome. I take a photo through the window. An entire week in Rome. Is this Italy? Am I really here? Looks like Sweden, but people say Prego, Si and Ultimo Treno. Here we are at Fontana di Trevi. So many people, so many different cultures. I am, but who are you?


Om Britta

Jag tycker om ord. Formulera ord. Skriva ned min tankar om livet. Det liv som jag aldrig helt kommer att förstå. Jag försöker bara göra det lite mera förståeligt. Genom att skriva. "I like words. Formulate words. Writing down my thoughts about life. The life that I never will completely understand. I just try to make it a little more understandable. By writing."
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8 kommentarer till Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

  1. Jo Bryant skriver:

    Nice one Britta. 🙂

  2. Mike Hardisty skriver:

    I lived in Italy for 3 years, just outside Rome. In the summer months I used to get up really early , drive into Roma and before the tourists came out to play get all my photographs. I’d love to go back with a digital camera…

    • Britta skriver:

      That sounds wonderful! I am studying italian as a hobby during dark and snowy winter evenings:-) I would like to learn more, but it is difficult. Thank you for the comment and have a nice day! Britta

  3. pix & kardz skriver:

    a great mood. thank you for sharing this moment from your vacation.


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