Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

This photo was taken in 1965. I sit in my daddy’s knee. He died in 1989, the same year, my daugther was born. The text under the photo, I wrote a couple of years ago. Though I am 50 years today, I miss my father every day…

He lay in his hospital bed and I sat beside him, holding his hand. A tear appeared in his eye and he looked at me. – I’m so scared. I gripped his hand as hard as his words were squeezing my heart. – You should not worry Dad. When I said those words, I saw the little wart he always had on his upper lip. When I was a little girl and sat on his lap, I did often scratch on it and one day it started to bleed and he was crying. I was afraid that I hurt him and I said ”Do not be sad, Daddy, do not cry” and I began to breathe on his lip to make it feel better, just as is done to comfort small children, until he started laughing and he explained that he’s just joking with me. I had not hurt him and everything was alright! It was a joke, a joke and he hugged me and hoisted me up in the air so that I too began to laugh. He had loved to tell that story to others when I scratched at his wart and I comforted him. Today, however, was not wart any problems, it was something much worse. Something called Parkinson had made its appearance in my father’s life.

My brothers and sisters who have come and gone, my cousins ​​and the father who went so far away that I could not reach him long before he disappeared forever, have made me vulnerable of farewells. The difficulty of being separated from a loved one, can be compared with the days harvest work is done, the woodwork is stored for the coming winter. When the cattle were sold and there was no longer small farmers, drying racks for the hay disappeared forever. The future had come up with the village and the move went to town and we who have experienced life in the country, was that people were most. But the remains of the earth is still under our nails. We did not leave the farmers’ common sense in the soil and we are not doing the washing under running water. Neither the credit, market, Dow Jones or tiled bathrooms give us some slight twinge of happiness…

40 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

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  2. It i sad to think about all the love ones who has passed away. Esspecially at Christmas time. It seems you had a good relation to your father. We are all scared to die and it is good if someone dear is there to offer some comfort. Noone should have to die alone.

    I wish you a nice first Sunday in Advent.

    • Yes, death can be frightening, and also severe diseases. There are still great memories to think back to …
      I also wish you a very nice first Advent Gunnar!

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  4. Memory is a key part of our family relationship – I remember my Father and Mother with great affection. Thank you for giving life to those memories with your personal recollections. Remember with happiness 🙂

    • I have many memories from my childhood. I grew up in a small village at a beutiful lake:-) Perhaps I have never felt so alive as then…Thank you for your nice comment! Kind regards Britta


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