Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

These photos were taken last summer at Midsummer. In Sweden we celebrate midsummer because it’s the longest day of the year. The sun never goes down, we dress a pole with leaves and flowers and dances together around the pole. Silly little songs, like ”Small frogs, small frogs, is comical to see” and we jump up and down in the dance and quacks like little frogs. Children tend to think it’s fun. We eat pickled herring, new potatoes and strawberries and some like to drink schnapps for herring. Midsummer is a magical night for us Swedes, anything can happen then. Picks children seven sorts of flowers and put them under the pillow, they will dream of a person who is going to be their wife or husband in the future. Many have flower wreaths in their hair and people play fiddle and dance.

This summer was celebration finished when we went to look at the pole, but the grass was green and I sensed the supernatural beings that only makes itself known at this year’s longest day. So we went home and prepared the strawberries…


Om Britta

Jag tycker om ord. Formulera ord. Skriva ned min tankar om livet. Det liv som jag aldrig helt kommer att förstå. Jag försöker bara göra det lite mera förståeligt. Genom att skriva. "I like words. Formulate words. Writing down my thoughts about life. The life that I never will completely understand. I just try to make it a little more understandable. By writing."
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29 kommentarer till Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

  1. Northern Narratives skriver:

    The longest day of the year is a good celebration 🙂

  2. HEMIMAMMA skriver:

    *Thinking back*


  3. dadirri7 skriver:

    thanks for sharing britta, it looks so peaceful, and those strawberries are delicious … i love to sing silly songs about frogs …we have lots here 🙂

  4. gunnardeckare skriver:

    Sweet summer dreams!

  5. jakesprinter skriver:

    Great Entry Britta Awesome photos 🙂

  6. Ping: 11 DECEMBER 2011 : ABOUT THAT SECOND HANDSET and the celebrations of 2011. « 2011 – ON THE BENCH

  7. madonnan skriver:

    Mmmm, gott!

    Vilka traditioner vi har, tänker jag när jag läser din beskrivning 🙂


  8. Tant Otto skriver:

    Sweden is a lovely country to live in…but if you look out the window from where I am today you can easily feel like you want to live somewhere else.

  9. Madman skriver:

    Wow, celebrating midnight in full daylight must be awesome! Thanks for sharing your Celebration photos with the rest of us!
    Merry Christmas from Switzerland,
    – Pierre

  10. Amar Naik skriver:

    nice photos

  11. Jag skriver:

    Jag säger som Madonna, det låter lustigt när man beskriver det på ett annat språk, väldigt exotiskt. Understa bilden ser sååå läskande ut!

  12. Thanks for sharing your celebration. I had a chance to celebrate Midsummer the in New York. Here is a link in to my post with lots of pictures. http://wp.me/p1sZ5a-dr Perhaps, you can tell me if it was an authentic event. 🙂

    • Britta skriver:

      I have added one more photo from another Midsummer eve, and now I will see how your midsummer was, in New York! Interesting!

      Midsummer is a very important celebration for us swedes. We have a Swedish national holiday, the 6th of June, but it is not like midsummer. Yes, swedes are a rational people, but the Swiss knife is from Switzerland, not Sweden:-) Perhaps we are more laidback and funny, than we think about ourselves. Famous swedes are ABBA, Björn Borg, Raoul Wallenberg, great inventors as Lars Magnus Ericson (LM Ericson, telephone equipment) and of course Alfred Nobel, who invented the dynamite (the Nobel prize), writers as Astrid Lindgren (Pippi Långstrump) and Stieg Larsson and many professional ice-hockey players.

  13. Sounds like a great time. Fun celebration. : )

  14. Britta skriver:

    Just six month left:-)


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