Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

I wish I could write these following words in Swedish. Just because it is so simple to express oneself in one’s own language. I took this photo a few years ago at the house where I was borne, a small village at a lake. This is the water well. My father who died many years ago built this arrangement in wood. The flower besides the well is a ”Kejsarkrona” in english you could call it an Imperial crown. This flower, which my mother planted once, I remember from my childhood.

This photos show the way I lived my life. We lived a very simple life, a few cows, a horse, a dog in a beatiful surrounding. I do agree with the expression ”that less is more” – how could one otherwise be greatful – when you can compare and have experiences from a simple life…

30 tankar på “Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

    • Ibland har jag också längtan tillbaka till det enkla, men jag vet vad det innebär. Det finns ingen romantik i att bo på landet, men man var nära livet på något sätt och maten på bordet kom från djuren på gården, grönsakslandet eller skogen. Nu gillar jag att bo i stan och att ha människor runt omkring mig – men minnena finns kvar…

    • Thanks Pier! It seems like yesterday, but it is 40 years ago and Sweden had a lot of farmers. In the sixties, people moved into the cities and started to work in factories. But we still need those who are farmers, but is it no high status today to work as a farmer.


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