Weekly photo challenge: Hope

It is the 2nd of August 2011 and we are driving a rental car on Mallorca. It is a special day. The weather is nice, the road are narrow and I am afraid of narrow roads and steeps. Once upon a time there was a young woman, who drove a car in the winter. It was snowing and the weather conditions was terrible. I had two young girls in the back of the car. Two trucks passed my car. The second truck did not have control of the trailer, and it hit my car in the side. The car tumbled around and finally it stopped. The windows were broken, the entire car was demolished. We hang upside down – but we could open a door and get out and nobody of us were injured. That’s why I am afraid of cars, steeps and narrow roads. But this day is a special day.

I am celebrating my birthday, 50 years I have been living on this earth. I feel hope for the future. One can choose to go through the tunnel or climb in a stair. There are always possibilities in life and hope…



18 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Hope

  1. Joyeux anniversaire ! ( Grattis pà födelsedagen! )

    Jag hoppas du har det bra, lite kyligt här i Paris ca -10 °C om kvällarna, fast ingen snö, trots att det kliar i lillfingret…

    Örnkramar ♥

    • Tack Maria:-) idag har vi -20° C i Umeå. Så här kallt har vi inte haft förut i vinter och det verkar hålla i sig ett par dagar till, men dagarna blir ljusare och ljusare. Vi går nog mot vår i alla fall… Kram och ha det så gott!


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