Weekly photo challenge: Regret

I have many things in my life that I regret. Things I didn’t do, things I did, things I felt, but the thing I regret most of all is that I never have believed that it is enought to be just me.
How many photos I have of myself and there I seems to struggle about my thoughts about life…

26 tankar på “Weekly photo challenge: Regret

  1. Self-reflection is a road we all cross somewhere in our lives. I think I crossed the road in my mid- 30’s. Now that those days are far behind me, I have come to the conclusion that you should simply try to find joy in EVERY day and treasure those you love while you can. You’ll find far less regret later in your life. I assure you, we have all have made our mistakes.

  2. I think we all would like to join Edit Piaf when she sings ”Je ne regrette rien”, but there are always things to regret, the important is to forgive yourself.

    • That is true. Most people have things they regret. To see oneself with forgiving eyes is important. Perhaps Edith just did that, when she sung ”je ne regrette rien”…

  3. ”Regrets I had a few..and then again to few to mention” Frank Sinatra. But I have to be honest. I am not proud of all things I have done. My memory fails me now and then but those things I remember clearly and I guess I always will.

    • Perhaps it is just life. One can not live without regret something. Wonderful song, by the way. Frankie Boy – one of the greatest singer and entertainers…
      Have a nice evening Gunnar!


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