Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

It seems like I only write something in my blog when it’s Weekly Photo Challenge. I really like this challenge, not because I think I’m the best, no, I like the idea of expressing what is me. And also, I have met people in this challenge, well only in cyberspace, that I like,…here I am, in Sweden and can have connection to USA, Great Britain, Norway, Australia and so on – can you agree – we have so many opportunities today…no, I do not feel down:-) but here are some photos that shows my expression of the word – Down…

My mother is 87 years old. Here is a photo from the feast I had when I (was 50) had a wonderful evening:-) She is the opposite of the word DOWN, she nurced my father when he got the Parkinsons disease, she has struggled in life, seven children, but she has never looked reverse. I think it is about time my mother will go international:-)

‘And now a Down photo: Rome: Looking down…


Om Britta

Jag tycker om ord. Formulera ord. Skriva ned min tankar om livet. Det liv som jag aldrig helt kommer att förstå. Jag försöker bara göra det lite mera förståeligt. Genom att skriva. "I like words. Formulate words. Writing down my thoughts about life. The life that I never will completely understand. I just try to make it a little more understandable. By writing."
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16 kommentarer till Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

  1. HEMIMAMMA skriver:

    Vilken vacker balkong!


  2. pix & kardz skriver:

    great selections – and how nice to hear about your mom.
    mine is turning 87 this year. she is enjoying life and thanks God for every new day.
    thanks for sharing!

  3. Jo Bryant skriver:

    I agree that these are great selections

  4. gunnardeckare skriver:

    It´s a wonderful gift to get old and still be in such good mental shape. Alzheimer is a terrible disease. I heard on the news last week that 50 % of all old people will suffer from it in the future. I hope that there will be ways to dealwith it.

    I love your Down picture.

    • Britta skriver:

      Thanks Gunnar!
      I wonder íf Alzheimer increases due to we are getting older or if it is depends in something in the environment or our lifestyle?

  5. jakesprinter skriver:

    Beautiful entry Britta

  6. Arindam skriver:

    nice entry to this week’s challenge. 🙂


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