Weekly photo challenge: Indulge

I take a picture of this beach every summer. It is a little bay at the sea, which we visit every summer. It is never so much people here, but the open sea is near and we call this bay ”Lillviken”, the Little Bay. Sometimes I read, meanwhile I look up into the sky – wondering about my fascination of the summer season.

I look toward the sea and think about Virginia Woolf and her book ”Mot fyren” (towards the lighthouse) perhaps the title in english is ”A writer’s diary”? I have always thought that I some day shall write a similar book, be world famous and every person will after that wonder about the book, and the persons in it, like I have wondered about Mrs Dalloway. Until my book is written, I suppose I will go back to this little bay, indulge in my thoughts about my future book…


Om Britta

Jag tycker om ord. Formulera ord. Skriva ned min tankar om livet. Det liv som jag aldrig helt kommer att förstå. Jag försöker bara göra det lite mera förståeligt. Genom att skriva. "I like words. Formulate words. Writing down my thoughts about life. The life that I never will completely understand. I just try to make it a little more understandable. By writing."
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16 kommentarer till Weekly photo challenge: Indulge

  1. Northern Narratives skriver:

    What a beautiful place to sit and dream 🙂

  2. Gilly Gee skriver:

    sparkly and indulgent!

  3. cobbies69 skriver:

    just being here is indulgent,,,;)

  4. Anna skriver:

    I want to be there…where is it?

  5. mothergrogan skriver:

    Brautiful! It’s ”To the lighthouse”…

  6. pix & kardz skriver:

    what a beautiful place.
    looking forward to your new book. please let me know when the English translation becomes available 🙂

  7. suitablefish skriver:

    best kind of indulge. I’m also a reader of Virginia Woolf, To The Lighthouse, Mrs. Dalloway. sit here in the sand and write your book. . . thanks for the lovely view.


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